Enrique Villanueva

Enrique Villanueva C.Ht.

Enrique Villanueva, C.Ht.
International Lecturer, Instructor of A Course in Miracles, virtuous therapist in the application of several alternative modalities of healing with which he performs authentic prodigies, writer and visionary; Recognized internationally for his participation in the documentary film “What If?”, Where together with Masaru Emoto, Joe Dispenza and other avant-garde thinkers, invites us to consider the unlimited potential of the human being. Enrique has been a regular guest of networks such as Univision, Telemundo, Azteca América and others, where he has lectured on: Religions and Belief Systems, The Law of Attraction, The Effective Way to Reprogram the Mind, The Language of Dreams, etc. He is also the author of several books and audio books on self-improvement and the awakening of consciousness. One of his most celebrated materials: “The Grand Treasure Map” circulates freely in the prison system of the US East Coast, with the purpose of transforming these punitive institutions into authentic places of social rehabilitation.
Villanueva has conducted radio programs with high spiritual and moral content for several seasons, and his focus has always been the positive transformation of the collective consciousness. Today, along with his professional practice, he collaborates with the Parents Institute for Quality Education as a facilitator for the Los Angeles Unified School District, and with Happy & Relaxed, Spa and Wellness Center, where together with a large team of physical, mental and emotional health specialists, he is dedicated to bringing spiritual instruction and cutting-edge information that contributes to improving the quality of life of our Latino community in the United States.