Dear Friends,

I wish first to thank our beloved clients of L.A. Farmacia Natural, and listeners of our radio program “Nutrición al Día” for the support you have given our vision and products. I am honored and pleased to serve as an information and support resource in your search for better health.

The first incarnation of Happy and Relaxed began in 1974, when I established a holistic health center incorporating yoga, exercise, massage, martial arts, and numerous public events on personal growth. This vision continues in Happy and Relaxed, a very special place for the amplification of the greatest potential in our well-being, even beyond that offered by the study of nutrition. The body follows the mind, the mind follows the soul, and Happy and Relaxed has come into existence in order to revitalize these connections. I invite you to visit Happy and Relaxed and learn about therapies, services, seminars, and products that we have selected to improve body, mind and spirit in modern life.

Neyda Carballo-Ricardo ND

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