We have a variety of incense used for therapies, meditations or even ceremonies.

  • Lavender: fragrance that is reminiscent of a million lavender flowers in Bloom. Calms the body and mind. Helps relieve stress.
  • Patchouli: fragrance that soothing away tension and lifts spirit
  • Vanilla: creates a beautiful fragrant atmosphere of vanilla and other natural herbs. Guidance with mental thoughts and intelligence.
  • Cinnamon: Creates a spicy and delightful fragrance, balancing emotions.
  • Healing: a mix of lavender and Gerenium, Vettivert, Tremoss. Warm and pleasant incense that touches your soul.
  • Jasmine: emits a pure jasmine fragrance that is sensual and long lasting also associated with love and beauty.
  • Dragon’s Blood: burned for love, strength and courage, a strong and diffusive fragrance that brings you a truly oriental experience.
  • Money drawing: a pleasant and lively fragrance that seems “Lucky”
  • Sandalwood: emits pleasant and long lasting fragrance for purify or sanctify.

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