Naomi Gonzalez – Energy Healer

Massage Therapist Energy Healer

Naomi Gonzalez is a spiritual counselor, a Reiki Practitioner, Intuitive and specialist in Intuitive Angelic Message, has given lectures and workshops about these heavenly messengers. As a child she lived sweet and bitter experiences that led her to explore in terms of spirit and discover her true essence. Her deep sensitivity to perceive the “other side” of reality has become a source of comfort and inspiration for those seeking natural gifts in her spiritual advice and help. Naomi loves to share with children and remind them that in them there exist powerful tools to help them cope with the challenges that life may bring.

Naomi advises us: “If you let love guide you to see beyond the illusion, then you will find the blessings hidden behind every experience that you have to live. Have faith, that God’s timing is perfect.”

Naomi Gonzalez
Reiki Practitioner
Spiritual counselor
Intuitive Angelic Messages


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